Class Of Apes

Miner Apes

Miner Apes are working-class apes that mine their land for gold. Bad Apes routinely steal their GOLD and kidnap their kind. The Miner Apes made a deal with the Bad Apes to pay a portion of their GOLD harvest as a bounty to keep the peace. This worked, but there are still some Bad Apes that continue to kidnap their kind. Bad Apes can’t be trusted because when Miner Apes leave their mines, they will try to plunder the GOLD.

Miner Apes Gameplay:

  • Mining capacity is limited to 10,000 GOLD per day
  • When claiming GOLD, A bounty of 20% per GOLD harvest will be distributed to the Bad Apes
  • Miner apes will need a minimum of 20,000 GOLD to leave (ie. Unstake) their mines
  • Leaving their mines increases the chances of a Bad Ape stealing their accumulated GOLD by 50%

Bad Apes

Bad apes live in caves and are a nuisance because they steal GOLD and kidnap apes. The bounty from the Miner Apes is distributed amongst the four types of Bad Apes each with different power ratings: Sigma (8), Alpha (7), Zeta (6), and Beta(5). The higher their power level, the easier it is for them to kidnap.

Bad Apes Gameplay:

  • Leaving a cave disables ability to earn bounty split amongst Bad Apes. Kidnapping isn’t possible either.
  • Leaving their caves do not cost GOLD
  • Kidnapping apes of any kind can only happen when minting
  • Successfully kidnapped apes will be given to one of the Bad Apes based on their power level
  • Any looted GOLD will be split amongst the staked Bad Apes per their power level

Minting and Mining Economy

All three classes of apes can eventually be minted but not all are available immediately. The first generation of apes (Gen X) can be minted with BNB. The second-generation (Gen Y) can be minted with GOLD. Only after 10,000 Gen X apes are minted, can there be Gen Y apes. Both Miner Apes and Bad Apes make up the pool in each generation. Each ape generation has specific attributes (see Table 1).

Ape ID Population Range Minting Cost per Ape Attributes
Gen X 1 – 10,000 0.69420 BNB
  • Can only mint with BNB
  • New mints cannot be kidnapped
  • 90% chance of minting a Miner Ape
  • 10% chance of minting a Bad Ape
Gen Y 10,001 – 20,000 20,000 GOLD
  • Can only mint with GOLD
  • New mints can be kidnapped
  • 90% chance of minting a Miner Ape
  • 10% chance of minting a Bad Ape
  • Kidnapping only possible with staked Bad Apes
  • Once ape is minted or staked, kidnapping isn’t possible
20,001 – 40,000 40,000 GOLD
40,001 – 50,000 80,000 GOLD
Table 1 - Minting

Only a limited amount of GOLD can ever be mined (see Table 2). Once a certain amount of GOLD is mined, the balance will be distributed to the Ape Gods (ie. developers).

Total Mineable GOLD: 5,000,000,000
  • For every Gen Y mint, GOLD will be burned
  • Once 2,400,000,000 GOLD is mined, all mining will shut down.
  • At this point, 600,000,000 GOLD will be offered to the Ape Gods (distributed over a 6-12 month period)
  • The remaining 2,000,000,000 GOLD will be allocated to treasury (ie. Temple Of The Apes)


Apes Game’s economy will grow over time. Currently, we are in the beginning phases but we will be adding new gaming capabilities to enable maximum earnings and gameplay. See Table 3.

Phase Expansion Schedule Description
V1 The Land Of The Apes Launched
  • Gen X Apes are being minted as we speak
  • Miner Apes and Bad Apes available
  • Stake apes to earn GOLD
V2 Temple Of Apes In rogress
  • The temple acts as the game’s treasury
  • Treasury enable revenue distributions to people and businesses in need
  • Noble Apes available (30,000 GOLD per mint)
  • Noble Apes can stake GOLD to earn 100,000 APY
V3 Land Ownership In rogress
  • Land parcels available for purchase
  • Limited number of parcels: 22,000
  • Each parcel is unique with different resources: diamonds, timber, water, etc.
  • Land parcel sales locked in treasury to run game economy
  • Interoperability amongst NFTs, environments, cross-gaming
  • Enable external developers to build their own games in metaverse