A DeFi game built on the blockchain, designed with useable NFTs

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Welcome to Land Of the Apes. Apes game is a play-to-earn MMORPG built on a strong DeFi protocol. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs, which all together create a beautiful, immersive online world in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy game play.

Anyone can take part in this mini game by staking their Miner and Badapes, and Gold and competing in Apes Game. 2.4 billion GOLD is on the line and for the taking.

When we arrive at the full game, you will need to use every resource at your disposal to compete for GOLD. Your Miner, Bad ape, and GOLD will be necessary. Nobles, Land, and other tokens to be discovered will strengthen your position.

Let's go.


Miner Apes

Miner Apes are working-class apes that mine their land for gold. When staked they will mine upto 10,000 GOLD per day. The Miner Apes made a deal with the Bad Apes to pay a portion of their GOLD harvest as a bounty to keep the peace. Once the miners have mined 2.4 billion GOLD, the mines will be shut down. You want to hurry.


Apes of GEN X have can't be stolen by a BAD APE currently staked. Minting begins at 0.69420 BNB for the first 10,000 GEN X mints.


Apes minted after GEN X have a 10% chance of being stolen by a BAD APE currently staked. Gen-Y can be minted with GOLD


Bad Apes

Bad apes live in caves and are a nuisance because their main focus is to steal GOLD and kidnap apes. The bounty from the Miner Apes is distributed amongst the four types of Bad Apes. Each type of Bad Ape has different kidnapping powers


    Level 8

    Level 7
  • ZETA

    Level 6
  • BETA

    Level 5

Don't get the wrong idea, though. BAD APES aren't all that bad. As time passes, these BAD APES become a critical part of the land, restoring the natural order at many levels. BAD APES also protect the mines from beasts and dark forces lurking in the jungle.


Miner Apes

1270 Minted

Bad Apes

60 Minted

GOLD Mined


Coming In version 2

Noble Apes

The NOBLE APES will enter the game in version 2. 1,000 NOBLE APES will be airdropped to the first 1,000 players who signed up for the game. You need to sacrifice 30,000 GOLD to the Ape Gods in the temple to mint a NOBLE APE, who are unique NFT’s with very special privileges and powers. NOBLE APES can only be minted using GOLD and cannot be kidnapped. There will only be 10,000 NOBLE APES ever in the game. You want to get as many NOBLE APES as possible.


So shiny and beautiful, GOLD can change a good beast into a bad one. But it is a necessary evil. GOLD is the core utility in the game, so start mining as much as you can. GOLD can only be mined and there is a finite amount, just 5,000,000,000 GOLD.

Once 2,400,000,000 of the GOLD is mined, the mines will be turned off. At this point 600,000,000 of the GOLD will be sacrificed to the Ape Gods. The remaining 2,000,000,000 GOLD will stay in the temple for future rewards.

  • Liquidity: 30% of every Genesis X mint profits will be allotted for the $GLD/BNB liquidity pool.
  • Multi-Chain yield farming: 10% of the mint (Genesis X) is vested in our multi chain yield farms. 100% of the revenue generated from these farms is used to buy back $GLD to maintain the gold price
  • Burn Fund: 2-4% of total circulating supply is burned every week until 10% of total supply has been burnt.
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There are 22,000 land parcels available. Each land parcel is unique with varying resources.

The most productive, fertile land in all of Ape Land is the Genesis parcels. The ancestors of this land have cultivated these lands for centuries. A finite resource, only 22,000 Genesis land parcels exist in the Land of the Apes. Each land parcel is uniquely abundant and randomly assigned, with varying acreage, resources, and capabilities.

Land metadata will be randomized and released before the full game release in 2022. Each land will cost 1BNB and can’t be minted using GOLD.


At the center of the Land of the Apes stands the Temple of the Apes. The Apes devote the grand building to worship and sacrifice to their Ape Gods. The massive terraces rise above Ape Land where the ancient Ape kings once worshipped. Only the Elder and the Noble Apes can enter the temple and perform rituals. The Temple is the governing body of the land and watches over all aspects of this land.

Only NOBLES can sacrifice Gold for riches from the gods. This is one of the most important acts in this game.


What is the Bad Apes Game?

Apes Game is a P2E (play-to-earn) NFT game that generates holders passive income. Players can mint a mining team, use them to mine crypto tokens and either exchange them for fiat or use them to mint more NFTs to grow your mining team and grow rewards

As the game progresses, new characters, challenges and tokens come into play encouraging the community to employ strategy in order to maximise their income

How do I mint Apes Game NFTs?

You can mint directly from the game site play.apes.game

Step 1

Connect your wallet and authorise the connection

Step 2

Click the ‘mint’ button and sign transaction to randomly generate your ape

Step 3

YYour ape will appear in the mining panel and begin mining $GLD immediately

Which wallets can I use to mint Bad Apes?

You may use any wallet that supports BNB (BEP-20) token on the Binance Network

I’m using MetaMask, how do I use BNB?

To buy BNB through MetaMask you need to add the Smart Chain Network.

Which wallet do I need to play the game?

Apes can only be kidnapped when they are being minted. But once they are minted or staked, the GenY Apes cannot be kidnapped.

Here is a handy step by step guide:

Connecting MetaMask to the Smart Chain Network

What is the mint price?

The mint price is 0.6942 BNB

Connecting MetaMask to the Smart Chain Network

What is the gas mint price?

Gas on the Binance Smart Chain Network is very inexpensive

A mint can cost as little as $0.30

How do I stake my Ape to begin mining $GLD?

Apes are staked automatically. Once you mint your Ape they are put to work immediately and your apes will DigDig all day and night

Staked apes will show up in the mine panel. Here you can see how much gold each ape has mined since they were staked and the ticker also shows you how many hours they have been working


How much $GLD will my Ape mine each day?

Each Miner Ape digs 10,000 $GLD tokens each day

Bad Apes plunder the Miner Apes $GLD and receive a share of the 20% bounty all other players miners pay to keep them plundering their mines. Bad Apes also have the ability to kidnap newly minted GenY apes, making them a highly profitable asset

How does the Treasury work?

The treasury contract is a simple vault implementation holding all the funds collected by the apes games. If for instance a user mints an ape, purchases $GLD or land, a portion of this revenue is added to the treasury. The treasury governs the tokens, maintains the floor and helps in game economy function.

Can I use my $GLD to buy more Apes?

Sure! Once the Genesis Apes (Gen X) are minted, you can buy more apes and build your team using the ingame $GLD token

What else can I do with my $GLD?

$GLD tokens can be converted to BNB for withdrawal or can be used to mint the next generation of apes. $GLD tokens are finite and will be needed in later stages of the game so it is best to DigDig and hoard as much as you can

$GLD is the utility and governance token of Apes Game and the ecosystem’s most precious resource. Use it to map the future of the game, trade, and cultivate other resources. The more $GLD you have, the more dominant you become.

How can I check the $GLD price?

You can view the current $GLD price through this link:

View the $GLD price

Can I buy the $GLD token?

Yes, you can purchase the $GLD token on Pancake Swap

Buy apes.game $GLD token

Can I swap or sell my Bad Ape NFTs on secondary?

Of course! Lots of community members are hoping to mint one of the rare Bad Apes but if you would like to buy one from someone in the community, you can do so here:

Trade your Apes

How can I buy land?

Land will be available in an upcoming release. More details of the land utility will be announced in Discord so be sure to join and keep up to date

Ape Games Discord


We are a team of 6 developers, game designers and marketers with over two decades of mobile, multiplayer game development and marketing experience. We created apes game as a way to demonstrate how community driven games can be build on chain over distributed network.

Without compromising game mechanics or player experience. We are passionate about creating a community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts who can not only play to earn but also play with others. Our gaming platform harnesses the speed, security, and low fees of the Binance blockchain to deliver a seamless and well-oiled user experience.

Creator - Game Design
Systems Architect
Solidity Dev
Defi Architect
Solidity + Web3
Multidisciplinary Artist
Web development
2D Artist